User Stories Written In Minutes.

Transforms Figma files into collaborative product backlogs in minutes.

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Creating products is hard. Backlogs shouldn't be.

 Say goodbye to endless hours of writing user stories and prepping for dev sprints.

  • Generate

    Save yourself the manual work.

    Refine user stories to ensure team members have a clear understanding of what you're building, leading to streamlined sprint planning and execution.

  • Productmanager

    Get the insights you need.

    Product Managers can easily gather product requirements and insights and communicatie these with stakeholders, accelerating the the development process and ensuring cross-team collaboration.

  • Export

    Smoothen the transition from design to development

    Designers seamlessly integrate Figma files, generating user stories effortlessly. This enables them to work collaboratively with stakeholders, ensuring a smooth transition from design to development.

Simple, but powerful tool for product teams.

Figflow makes it easy for everyone in the product team to collaborate. Even external stakeholders find there there way in here. 


One workspace, all your projects & backlogs.

Create a workspace for your team and create as many projects as you like. Upload you Figma projects and start using our AI assistant to create product backlogs.

Product hunt screen 4

Figflow AI Assistant

Let our AI assistant help you write better user stories, fitting your needs, voice and tone.


Collaboration platform for everyone in the teamCurrently in development

Real magic happens when everyone in the product team is collaborating. Invite team members and stakeholders for co creation and build beautiful products together.


Figflow welcomes you all

We currently support English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese


Connect your favorite toolsCurrently in development

Save time using popular integrations to sync & export your user stories.


We take your data seriously

Your data privacy and security are our top priorities. We have contractual agreements with our AI subprocessors that prohibit the use of customer data to train their models.

Improve your product workflow

And let these features help you with it.

  • OAuth Figma Integration

    Easy integration with Figma making sure all your projects can be transformed to backlogs. 

  • Top feature

    User Story Generation

    Our AI assistant transform you Figma files into user stories in just minutes. Saving your hours that you can use for story refinements with the team

  • Top feature

    Acceptance Criteria Generation

    Based on the user stories and design our AI assistant will write your first draft for User Acceptence Criteria.

  • Top feature

    AI Estimation

    Get your first story point estimation from AI and get ball park on size of your poject & budget.

  • top feature

    Integrate designs in user stories

    You no longer need to export all design screens and add them separately to the ticket. We will directly add a screenshot to the appropriate user story.

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